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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Petcacab is part of the Municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, located 2 hours away from Chetumal, Capital of the Quintana Roo State, and approximately 5 hours away from Cancún. This ejido is located in a very important forestry area, with a 41.776 hectares surface for permanent production of timber and conservation area. Tropical species of both soft and hardwood can be found, including Chicozapote, an emblematic species of the area due to its latex (known as chicle). As most ejidos, Petcacab counts with a Forest Management Program that includes monitoring, conservation and generating social benefits for the community as priorities. Nowadays, many residents interact on a daily basis with nearby cities, especially young people, who are often pursuing studying and working opportunities as part of an urban livelihood.


Region: Quintana Roo, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico

Population: 900

Ethnic Background: Mayan ejido

Forest Ecosystem: Medium semievergreen forest

Main Livelihoods: Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock, Small Businesses.

Forest Dependency: High

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