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Bigi Poika


Over the past few decades, villages in Suriname have experienced a gradual decline in population, leading to the loss of the traditional guardians of the forest. In order to promote future socio-economic sustainability in forest communities, it is critical to empower these young individuals to become the new stewards of the forest by making them aware of the diverse array of opportunities and possibilities available.

In 2023, Pilot Projects worked with Forestry and Agricultural Support Suriname (FASS) is a non-profit organisation with the objective to foster the development of forest communities and promote the conservation of the Amazon forest in Suriname. As part of its pilot project, FASS conducted a series of Youth Visioning workshops in three communities: Bigi Poika, Cassipora, and Corpha Matta. Each workshop involved the participation of 15 young men and 15 women, facilitating discussions about their forest-based livelihoods, aspirations, and potential job opportunities.

Concurrently with these workshops, FASS also organised basic forestry and agricultural seminars. The primary aim of these seminars is to provide education to the same group of young villagers, informing them about the management practices employed in Suriname's general forest and the various opportunities associated with it. The agricultural seminar emphasised the potential and business prospects of employing agroforestry systems within shifting cultivation plots.

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