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The Future of Forest Work and Communities was founded in 2015 as a community of practice between key players - academics, practitioners, and donors - working in this space. It is dedicated to understanding and engaging with the relationship between forest communities and livelihoods, global culture, and the long-term role of forests on our planet. Founding contributors included Pilot Projects Design Collective, Forests and Livelihoods - Research, Assessment and Engagement (FLARE), researchers at the University of Manitoba, and the Ford Foundation. Members of the core team developed a multi-day workshop methodology to engage young people in conversations about their lives, ideas, and visions for the future.

The two to three-day Youth Visioning Workshops, held in remote forest communities, aim to engage young people in meaningful discussions about their futures in forest-based work. These workshops use participatory research methods to foster dialogue, mutual learning, and empowerment. They are designed to gather diverse perspectives and co-create innovative solutions for sustainable livelihoods.

The Future of Forest Work and Communities has supported 18 workshops in 10 countries across 4 continents and are actively looking for new communities and partners. 


In these facilitated conversations and activities, the overall goals are to:

  • Understand the role of forests and place in the youth participants' life stories

  • Co-create new ideas for meaningful work

  • Positively contribute to forest livelihoods

  • Promote and lead the sustainability of the world’s forests

Participant Quotes

The workshop taught me that I can still be whatever I want to be.

It didn’t just teach me about planting trees, I’ve also gotten training in everyday life, things I can do when I’m starting my own ventures.” 

- Isaac Setabi (Lwanunda, Uganda)


Community of Practise members include:

Community of Practice Meeting, 2018

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