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A youth visioning workshop methodology: Co-creating the Future of Forest Work

Preprint written by Scott Francisco and Sarah Jane Wilson


Abstract: The Future of Forest Work and Communities (FoFW) community of practice was established to understand young people’s perspectives on employment, life goals, migration and the forests they live in or near to. A major challenge for those working at the nexus of environment and development is gaining a holistic, systemic understanding of the decisions and practices of people and communities in relation to their environment. This draft/pre-paper describes how the fields of systems thinking, design thinking, and organisational development can inform how to engage local people about global issues in a meaningful and culturally relevant way.


James P. Robson, Dan Klooster and Jorge Hernández-Díaz

Communities Surviving Migration: Village Governance, Environment, and Cultural Survival in Indigenous Mexico

James P. Robson, Fermin Sosa Pérez, and Michelle Sanchez Luja

Exploring youth-forest-community linkages in rural Mexico

James P. Robson,Sarah J. Wilson,Constanza Mora Sanchez, and Anita Bhatt

Youth and the future of community forestry

Maureen Gail Reed, James P. Robson, Amanda Lindgren, Peter Friedrichsen, Tegan Brock, Iain J Davidson-Hunt, Gabriela Lichtenstein, Sheona Shackleton, Liette Vasseur, Holly Worthen

Foundational principles for intercultural and international research with Indigenous and rural peoples: Connecting principles to Knowledge Mobilization

Julio Zetina, Roan Balas McNab, Miriam Castillo

Youth, forests and community in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Petén, Guatemala

Julia Quaedvlieg , Carla Merediz , Mishari García Roca , Katya Mallea Díaz , Eber Cabanillas Suarez , Miguel Zamalloa Condori

Youth perspectives in rapidly changing landscapes: Lessons from Peru

Hugo Asselin, Roxane Drainville

Are Indigenous youth in a tug-of-war between community and city? Reflections from a visioning workshop in the Lac Simon Anishnaabeg community (Quebec, Canada)

James P. Robson, Hugo Asselin, Miriam Castillo, Leigh Fox, Scott Francisco, Birendra Karna, Amanda Karst, Julia Quaedvlieg, Michelle Sanchez Luja, Maria Paula Sarigumba , Marlene Soriano, Fermín Sosa Pérez, Sarah J. Wilson, Julio Zetina

Engaging youth in conversations about community and forests: Methodological reflections from Asia, Africa, and the Americas

James P. Robson and Dan Klooster

Communities surviving migration: Village governance, environment, and cultural survival in Indigenous Mexico

Nora L Alvarez-Berríos and T Mitchell Aide

Global demand for gold is another threat for tropical forests

Matthias Baumann, Christoph Israel, María Piquer-Rodríguez, Gregorio Gavier-Pizarro, José Norberto Volante & Tobias Kuemmerle

Deforestation and cattle expansion in the Paraguayan Chaco 1987–2012

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